Red Clover Mission Statement

Red Clover Print is a collaborative press that offers its artists a unique opportunity to create meaningful print editions of their work. We select unique projects and offer our services to a myriad of artists. Red Clover creates limited edition volumes that are crafted thoughtfully and specific to our artists’ vision. Our goals for each release are as follows:


✷  To support our artists in collaborating on a well developed project that best represents them and Red Clover 
✷  To be inclusive (in all senses of the term) and welcoming to artists who work with us
✷  To create space that allows for honest and consistent communication throughout the project’s conception into its fruition
✷  To share in the goals that are established between Red Clover and its artists while honoring them as best as possible
✷  To distribute the project within the agreed upon terms 
✷  To hold ourselves accountable for the projects we take on, the artists we represent, and Red Clover as a whole
✷  To minimize the ecological impact of all projects and production
✷  To honor the magic of the printed medium by creating small editions and exclusive releases


    Red Clover Print is the conception of Blue Wallick. This press is a labor of love between two queer and trans best friends. Both Blue and Boy hope to create magical DIY printed goods that all friends can enjoy. Blue, a practicing printmaker and illustrator, has experience with silk screen, inkjet printing, and digital artwork. Boy, a museum studies student and practicing illustrator, has experience with artistic management and administration. Combined, their skills will be used as a tool to support all under the Red Clover umbrella.

    Please get in touch if you're interested in publishing with us, have any questions, or would like to give feedback.