✷ What does Red Clover mean?

The name 'Red Clover' is in homage to Blue's favorite plant. In Summer of 2020, they found three four leaf red clovers while working on a farm. When they're stuck, they draw clovers to find inspiration. Clovers are a hard image to capture; unique, imperfect, but so soft and beautiful.


✷ Who are you?

Blue Wallick and Boy Nirvana are best friends, queer and trans artists, New England inhabitants, baking lovers. Blue and Boy were internet mutuals for a long time, hardly ever speaking, when one day Boy invited Blue over randomly to stay at their house for the weekend. They hit it off and have been best friends ever since. Blue still has the peperomia they got that weekend in New Hampshire. 


✷ Can I release a project through Red Clover?

Please visit our contact page if you are interested in working with us! We'd love to hear from you.


✷ Whose art am I buying?

We sell a variety of work, some by independent artists that have partnered with Red Clover for publishing, some collaborations between artists, as well as our own personal artwork. The artist's information for each piece can be found in the product description. For more information regarding the artwork, posts are regularly updated on our Instagram.


✷ What equipment/supplies do you use?

Currently, we are printing with a mix of a Brother mfc-j5845dw inkjet printer and a Canon pro-100 photo printer, depending on the product. We exclusively use French Paper Co and Canon's photo paper. Stickers are bought through different manufacturers, such as Sticker Guy or Stickermule. We use mailers from EcoEnclose, what is available in a pinch, or a mix of whatever cardboard or packaging we have laying around. We aim to minimize our ecological footprint by buying recycled supplies and reusing what we can. If there is plastic in your order, we are just using up what we have left!


✷ Where is my order?

As of right now, both Boy and Blue work full-time schedules aside from Red Clover. Because of this, you can expect your packages to be sent out on Thursday or Friday each week. Keep in mind that because of COVID-19, certain mail can ship very slowly. We ask for your patience and understanding with us as we make this project fit into our lives. If you have a question regarding an order, please send us an e-mail at redcloverprint@gmail.com.