Red Clover Mission Statement

At Red Clover, our goals are as follows:


✷  To be inclusive (in all senses of the term) and welcoming to artists who work with us
✷  To hold ourselves accountable for the projects we take on, the artists we represent, and Red Clover as a whole
✷  To minimize the ecological impact of all projects and production
✷  To honor the magic of the printed medium by creating small editions and exclusive releases


    Red Clover Print is the conception of Blue Wallick. This press is a labor of love between two queer and trans best friends. Both Blue and Boy hope to create magical DIY printed goods that all friends can enjoy. Blue, a practicing illustrator and amateur game developer, holds a BFA with a concentration in printmaking. Boy, a museum studies student and practicing illustrator, has experience with artistic management and administration.

    Please get in touch if you're interested in submitting to Solstice Magazine, have any questions, or would like to give feedback.