Contact Us

To contact Red Clover Print with any questions or comments, please e-mail us at

If you are interested in releasing a project with us, please send us a detailed e-mail with:

✷ The e-mail's subject as "[Your Name] - Project Proposal"
✷ A brief bio as well as your pronouns, what medium you work in, and why you'd like to work with us
✷ A detailed description of what you'd like to release, including the medium and type of content

We understand that being a working artist can mean you don't always have the time, energy, resources, or funds to manage a storefront. A benefit of working with Red Clover is that we front the project cost! We handle sourcing and compiling, inventory, printing, advertising, listing your products online, shipping, and customer service.

After receiving your proposal, we will send you a project pitchback that details our vision for the finished product. Keep in mind that at Red Clover, we are just two pals behind the scenes making this whole operation work! For this reason, we like to keep our releases small and exclusive, rarely printing more than 50 of any particular item.

Please check out our catalog to see what kinds of pieces we are working on. You can find more information about us in our mission statement. We look forward to welcoming you into our network of artists, and making your vision into a reality!